Developed in Japan, we carefully selected the best ingredients for your hair. It contains only fine and natural cleansing ingredients with no artificial scent. These essential ingredients cleanse without irritating sensitive skin, even the delicate skin of newborn babies.

Infused with 17 kinds of amino acids and natural plant-based extracts to repair, protect and rebuild the strength of your hair.

Rewind to healthy hair and scalp

Anti-aging effect

In Japanese culture, a strong focus is placed on scalp condition. Women view taking care of their scalps just as important as their skincare routines. Scalp and facial skin are directly connected. Sagging of the scalp pores leads directly to sagging of the facial skin. Japanese tradition incorporates cleansing and conditioning of the scalp as a tool to prevent aging.  Amimo brings that tradition to the US by focusing not only on beautiful healthy hair, but the condition of the scalp as well.  It’s an important piece of any anti-aging regimen.

Customers in the US need to fundamentally reconsider the concept of Hair Care.

My clients are always looking for good hair care products. I noticed them spending hundreds of dollars on high-end brands, but their hair was still damaged and never improved. I too have tried many brands and products to solve different types of hair issues but I was not able to find anything that I can offer confidently to my clients, In order to solve the client's hair troubles from the root, I decided to create the products on my own. Among many hair care companies, I chose to collaborate with a local Japanese hair care brand which has been certified and proven for treatment of hair and scalp care. I used my expertise to further improve upon their ingredients and developed AMIMO.

Tomohiro Arakawa is an NYC based hair stylist. Starting at one of the most cutting-edge salons in Tokyo, he has gone on to do extensive work for magazines, seminars, TV appearances, as well as working for one of the most reputable salons in New York. He takes pride in providing first class service to clients around the world.